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Webex is the leading provider of software and services that make it easy for people to connect and collaborate online. Their products are used by more than 45 million business professionals every month. ‎Cisco Webex Meetings is a very popular collaboration tool with more than 100 million users. Participate in an audio/video call with your team members, share your screen and control the conference. 


This is an application that allows users to create, schedule, and participate in online meetings. Webex free app is the easiest way for teams to plan, host, and participate in online meetings, and it's now available on your Android phone. There also Webex Mac version available.


The user interface is clean and very easy to understand. There are many options available for setting up the conferences after Webex download free. You can change the size of the meeting, enable recording, change the participants, and many more.

It is very simple to create meetings and share a desktop. Invite people to your meetings using the email address or the phone number. You can also search for people in the address book.


This post will walk you through the basic usage of the Webex app.

  • Show and share your screen
    After Webex install process is done, you can share your screen by clicking the 'Share' button in the left menu. It will pop up a share dialog. You can choose to display your screen only or share your screen and audio.
  • Create a new meeting room
    Click the 'Meeting Center' button. It will open a meeting room chooser dialog. You can search the meeting rooms and create a new one. You are able to edit your meeting room by tapping on the pencil icon. Choose the share option in Webex app download, add topics, set a reminder and choose the meeting role.
  • Mute/Unmute
    It is possible to mute your microphone by clicking the speaker icon or unmute it by clicking it again; mute and unmute other participants by tapping on the speaker icon next to their nicknames.
  • Control the conference
    You can control the meeting by clicking the 'Meeting' button. You can add a new participant by clicking the '+' button. It is also possible to remove the participant by tapping on the '-' button next to the participant's nickname. Choose the presenter by clicking the 'Presenter' button.


Is Cisco Webex Meetings app free?

You can download app absolutely for free. There is no charge for the app.

I just downloaded the app, what do I do next? 

I recommend you watch a quick demo and start your first meeting by tapping the 'Start a meeting' button from your home screen.

Do I need to download Webex app to join a meeting?

Yes and No. You can join the conference via web browser as long as the conference organizer has shared the meeting URL with you. If the meeting organizer does not share the meeting URL, you can use the free app to join the conference. 

How many participants can join a free Webex Meeting? 

It is possible to host free meetings with up to 100 participants.

Can I change the meeting video quality for my meeting? 

Yes, you can select from 3 video quality options: Low, Medium, High.


Cisco Webex Meetings app is a great tool for users to get access and control their meetings. It's available for free to all customers and works on a variety of platforms. 

The app is easy to use and user-friendly. You can install Webex and give it a try right now. It is a great collaboration tool that provides a lot of advantages to businesses. It’s great that free option is possible, given the features the app offers.

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